A D D R E S S :

Military Technical and Testing Institute Záhorie
905 24 Senica

Tel  : +421 34 697 0111 (operator)
Fax : +421 34 651 4659

e-mail: info@vtsu.sk, vtsu@vtsu.sk
VTSÚ Záhorie
is the development and testing institution of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic.

            Since 1923, the institute has dealt with testing of military armament and machinery of the ground forces.
In decades of the 70s and 80s of the Twentieth century it was realized an intense building of the new testing
objects together with modernization of the testing facilities.

            Till the former Czechoslovakia had split up, the institute was mostly considered as the testing institute
which was meeting demands of the military forces and weapon industry.

            After formation of the Slovak Republic the institute executes research and development activities and
becomes the one of research and development workplaces of the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic
providing development and testing of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

           The institute has been appointed the accredited testing laboratory for items above mentioned. Also it is the
authorized person for the conformity assessment with technical requirements and it is justified to perform the
classification of dangerous goods and explosives in accordance with the UN Recommendations on the Transport
of Dangerous Goods.

          The institute has also implemented the quality management system.
AO SKTC - 173
  budget organization of The Ministry of Defence of The Slovak republic.